Custom Keychains

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Welcome to our page showcasing the fabulous options available for custom keychains. We've got a whole range of colors for kubatons, personal alarms, and pom poms! Get ready to add some personality and pizzazz to your keychain collection.

All Custom Keychains are $30 that include a wristlet of your choice, a kubaton, a personal alarm, and a pom pom. You also have the options to add on pepper sprays (+$5), bling pepper sprays (+$10), or a wallet (+$10).

Kubatons (included)

First up, let's talk about kubatons. These nifty little self-defense tools are compact, discreet, and pack a punch. And guess what? We've got a rainbow of colors for you to choose from! Whether you prefer a bold and bright kubaton or a sleek and sophisticated one, we've got you covered. Take a look at our color options below:

All Colors 
Purple Red Blue Silver Gold
Light Blue Black Pink Green

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Personal Alarms (included)

Next on the list are personal alarms. These little devices are perfect for keeping yourself safe and sounding the alarm when you need it. And guess what? They come in a variety of vibrant colors too! Check out our color options below:

All Alarms

 Pink Soft Blue Yellow Black Purple Bright Blue White

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Pom Poms (included)

Next, let's talk about pom poms. These fluffy accessories are not only fun and fashionable, but they can also be attached to your keychain for a touch of whimsy. And you guessed it, we've got an array of colors for you to choose from! Feast your eyes on our pom pom color options below:

All Poms
Pink Light Brown Mint White Blue Off White Yellow Mocha Grey Purple Hot Pink Red Blue

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Pepper Sprays (purchased separately)

The first optional add on we have available are pepper sprays! Available in a variety of colors, you are sure to find something that matches your customized keychain. Regular sprays are a $5 add-on and bling sprays are a $10 add on. See the colors we have available now below:

Lilac Black Pink Yellow BlueBright Red Pastel Pink Bright Blue Hot Pink Red Black Bling Hot Pink Bling Purple Pouch Bling Pink Pouch Bling

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Wallets (purchased separately)

The other optional add on available ais our wallets! Available in a variety of colors and styles. Wallets are a $10 add-on and will be the perfect addition to your cute combo! Below are styles we have available for purchas separately.

 Lavendar Wallet Pink Wallet Betsy Wallet White Wallet Black Wallet

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