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Dallas Defense

Dallas Defense

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Elevate your safety with the "Dallas Defense" Safety Keychain – a dynamic blend of team loyalty and personal protection. Featuring a Dallas Cowboys print wristlet, this accessory lets you showcase your fandom while prioritizing your security.

🏈 Dallas Cowboys Pride: Celebrate your passion for the Dallas Cowboys with the iconic print wristlet. Every glance at your keychain is a reminder of your team spirit and the commitment to stay safe.

πŸ”Š Dynamic White 130dB Personal Alarm: Safety takes the forefront with our white 130dB personal alarm. Engineered to emit a high-decibel sound, it ensures you're heard and protected in any situation.

πŸ’™ Stylish Blue Pom Pom: The blue pom pom serves as a playful embellishment, adding a touch of charm to the keychain while echoing the Cowboys' vibrant color.

βš™οΈ Vigilant Blue Kubaton & Pepper Spray (Optional): Choose between a blue kubaton with blue pepper spray or a black kubaton. These self-defense tools embody readiness, reflecting your commitment to personal security.

"Dallas Defense" is more than just a safety keychain – it's a testament to your team loyalty and your preparedness. Order now to showcase your Cowboys spirit while prioritizing your safety. With every step you take, let your keychain be a guardian of both your enthusiasm and your well-being, ensuring you're ready to face any challenge

β€”Please note: I cannot ship pepper sprays to Alaska, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Massachussets, New Jersey or New York.β€”

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