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Red Bows

Red Bows

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Part of the Magical Collection

Introducing a safety accessory that captures the whimsy of Disney and the assurance of protection – the Reed Bows Kids Safety Keychain. Crafted to delight young hearts and provide parents with peace of mind, this accessory effortlessly blends style with safety features, making it an absolute must-have for every adventurous child.

🎀 Minnie Print Charm: Elevate your child's day with the iconic Minnie Mouse print wristlet. Adorned with the beloved Disney character, this keychain becomes a cherished companion that adds a touch of magic to their daily routine.

✨ Red Glitter Lining: Unveil a dazzling surprise with the red glitter lining inside the wristlet. Every time they reach for their keys, a little sparkle brightens their day, reminding them that safety can be enchanting.

🔊 Bold Black 130dB Personal Alarm: Safety is paramount, and the black 130dB personal alarm ensures your child is heard and protected. Its high-decibel sound is a proactive tool that empowers kids to navigate their world confidently.

❤️ Playful Red Pom Pom: The red pom pom adds a pop of color and a touch of playfulness to the keychain, embodying the spirit of fun that Minnie herself would approve of.

🐭 Whimsical Mouse Ears Keychain: The small mouse ears keychain pays homage to the iconic Disney duo. It's a delightful detail that kids will adore, making their safety accessory all the more special.

🌟 Optional Mickey Shaped AirTag Holder: Take organization and protection to the next level with an optional Mickey shaped AirTag holder. Keep track of belongings while embracing the magic of Disney.

Elevate safety with Minnie's touch of wonder. Order the Red Bows Kids Safety Keychain now and let your child embark on every adventure with a dash of enchantment and a strong sense of security. Safety has never been so charming!

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